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I help people gain mobility and performance
through Performance Physiotherapy

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Problems We Help Solve Using Our Mobility and Physiotherapy Methods

David from Griffiths Performance Physiotherapy treating a knee injury in Niagara

Knee Pain

David treating a shoulder injury using his physiotherapy method in St Catharines

Neck and Shoulder Pain

Griffiths Performance Physiotherapy treating a back problem using a physiotherapy method

Back Pain

We Also Offer

David helping an athlete increase his agility

Agility Training

Pilates class in Thorold


Whether your pain is caused by an old injury or a new one the end result is still the same. At Griffiths Performance Physiotherapy not only do we diagnose and treat your injury but we show you how to move in ways that will reduce the risk of a repeat injury and allow you to perform better than you were before through sport physiotherapy.

Who We Serve

Are you an Olympic level athlete? Probably not, but that’s ok! We train everyone from teenage athletes to Olympians. So whether you’re a weekend warrior looking looking to get back to your morning runs, or a teenage athlete just itching to get back out on the ice Griffiths Performance Physiotherapy has a place just for you!

A Peak Inside Your High Performance Roadmap

Some Of Our Past Clients

Kylie Douglas
Kylie Douglas
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I was in a motor vehicle accident in December 2015 and have seen multiple, I mean endless amounts of doctors with no answers. Being an athlete, I was beyond frustrated on a daily basis and felt defeated. Dr. Dave has taught me more about what's happening with my injuries in a few sessions than I've learned in over a year. I highly recommend Dr. Dave as he doesn't treat you and send you out the door, he talks you through everything and works one on one with you to help you heal.
Owen Narhi
Owen Narhi
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I've been with Dave for over a year now and he's truly amazing. Knows his stuff and connects with you on a personal level as well. 100% would recommend
Ashley Gauthier
Ashley Gauthier
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Dave is amazing ! After over a year of agonizing shoulder pain, I am now typing this PAIN FREE !!! Dave knew exactly what was wrong , and he addressed my shoulder thoroughly and professionally. I can’t wait to continue my treatments ! Highly recommended !!
Kathie Allison-Maves
Kathie Allison-Maves
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Dave is such a truly caring professional! He takes a personal interest to help his patients get back to their day to day lives and activities! I can’t wait to continue my treatments ! Highly recommended !!

The Griffiths Performance Physiotherapy Process


The first step of getting you back to kicking butt and taking names is first figuring out what we need to solve! We call this the Recovery Roadmap, it is a free 1 hour session where we diagnose what is wrong and walk you through your roadmap to recovery! See how that works.

Physiotherapy Treatment

Once we have your custom roadmap completed the next step if for us to begin treatment. We will see you once a week for around 45 minutes working through our custom physiotherapy roadmap to make sure you’re improving and making real progress each and every week

Performance Enhancement

You’re an athlete first and a patient second to us. We know that you don’t want to have to worry about holding back when you’re in the zone because of an injury. We want you to leave us STRONGER than you were when you came in, and our specialized Performance Lock Training System will make sure you come back better than ever.

Your Niagara Physiotherapy Expert

Griffiths performance physiotherapy is located in Thorold we help people recover and become better than before throughout St Catharines and the Niagara region using the Griffiths Performance specific rehabilitation modality mixing physiotherapy and functional movement to get you moving better than ever. Specializing in physiotherapy for knee treatment, neck and shoulder treatment, and back treatment we have most areas covered to get you back to playing your best game faster. 

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